Government of New Brunswick

To ensure your payment is processed promptly, please adhere to the requirements indicated below. Invoices that do not meet the mandatory requirements may be returned to the Supplier or Department for correction.


Mandatory requirements and description

Remit to name – Must be the full name of the company or individual to whom the payment is made. Also referred to as supplier/vendor name.

Remit to address – Must be the company’s or individual’s full address where the payment is to be sent. This includes the street address/PO Box, City, Province and Postal Code. Also referred to as supplier/vendor address.

Department Name – All invoices must include a valid department name. It is acceptable to use the full department name (e.g. Tourism, Heritage and Culture) or the departments abbreviated name (e.g. THC). Either version must be provided on the invoice when received at SNB for payment processing.

Spending Approver (SA) – SNB uses the Spending Approver name to route documents to the correct approver throughout GNB’s electronic invoice processing system. This name must be obtained from the department/agency when the order is placed with the supplier and must be included on the invoice prior to submission to SNB. 

Ship to Address (of Client Department) – Required for confirmation of receipt of goods in department. Aids SNB in identifying the department that procured the goods/services.

Invoice/Credit Memo number – To avoid duplication, each submission must contain a unique and identifiable invoice number for your invoice or credit memo.

Invoice Details – Mandatory elements of invoice details include invoice date, quantity billed (as applicable), item description, unit price (as applicable), sub-total, separate tax amounts and total due. Non-Canadian suppliers, please indicate desired currency.

Please note: To avoid risk of duplication, each invoice should only be sent once to the department address (and only if specifically instructed by the Department to do so), or to the SNB accounts payable address for all others.


To improve payment processing efficiency we encourage suppliers to submit invoices by email to Submissions not compliant with the following guidelines may be returned, causing a delay in processing and payment.

  • must be in the “to” field. If is cc’d, the submission will not be processed as received.
  • 1 attachment per email.
  • 1 invoice per attachment.
  • Supported document types are PDF and TIFF. Note: Excel and Word are not supported document types.
  • It is recommended that all required invoice details be recorded on the invoice and not in the body of the email.
  • No partial submissions- invoices must be provided in their entirety.
  • Invoices received electronically must be provided in the form of an attachment and not a link to a website.
  • All portions of the invoice must be legible.
  • Attachments must not be password protected or contain encryption.
  • Invoices must only be sent once to this email address for processing. For inquiries, contact

If unable to submit by email, invoices can be submitted by mail. Please note the following guidelines:

  • All required invoice details must be provided on the invoice and not on the envelope.
  • Paper invoices received must not be ripped or have tape- these types of submissions are unable to be scanned therefore may be returned and experience processing delays.
  • Hand-written invoices are accepted however discouraged due to new system functionality which contains character recognition software.

Address for mailed invoices:

SNB Accounts Payable
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1



Delivery slips, pro bills, work orders and acknowledgements should only be provided as backup to valid invoices.

These documents must be sent to the department, not to SNB Accounts Payable:

  • Statements
  • Zero Dollar invoices


If an amendment to a previously submitted invoice is required, send the amended invoice copy to indicating the submission reason.

If you require a previously submitted invoice be canceled, send the invoice details to

While optional, invoices may be processed faster if the vendor provides the following reference information on their invoice when submitting to SNB.

Purchase Order Number: Referencing the Purchase Order (PO) number will facilitate verification and ensure invoices are processed in a more-timely manner.

Company Contact Details: Useful for quick resolution of issues with outstanding invoices.

GNB Employee Ordering or Receiving the Goods or Services: Facilitates the approval of invoices by departments; increases the ability to confirm receipt of goods.


For more information, please contact:

SNB Accounts Payable Services

Tel.: 1-888-487-5050 (select your language of choice, then press ‘3’)

Email inquiries: