Government of New Brunswick

Selling to the Government of New Brunswick    

Who are we?

Strategic Procurement is a division of Service New Brunswick. We manage the procurement process for the purchase of goods, services and construction services above certain threshold values for departments, agencies and school districts. We also manage the procurement process for the purchase of goods and services for the regional health authorities. The role of Strategic Procurement is to maximize competition to achieve the best value for money while ensuring that all suppliers and contractors who wish to compete for government contracts have a fair and open opportunity to do so.

What is the process?

In New Brunswick, the public procurement process is governed by a legal framework comprised of the Procurement Act and Regulations, and various trade agreements. New Brunswick public sector entities must adhere to the principles of this legal framework by being fair, open and transparent with their procurement practices. All jurisdictions across Canada follow a similar model for public procurement which includes open competition for government contracts through a public solicitation process. To learn more, please see Procurement Process.

What do we buy?

In recent years, Strategic Procurement has purchased over $1.5B annually in goods, services and construction services on behalf of the Government of New Brunswick. We buy everything from office supplies, heavy equipment, IT services, consulting services, furniture, medical equipment and clinical supplies, and much more. To learn more about what we buy, visit the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON) to view current bidding opportunities. If you are not currently a registered vendor, you can register free of charge by filing out the registration form.  

How can you participate?

All public solicitations for the Government of New Brunswick and other New Brunswick public sector entities are advertised on our web-based e-tendering system, the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON). Suppliers and contractors are encouraged to register, free of charge, to gain access to thousands of bidding opportunities posted every year. To learn more, please see Procurement Process.

How to access tenders across Canada?

Federal, provincial and territorial governments are all parties to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, which requires that government tender notices be publicly advertised via the web. The Internal Trade Secretariat maintains a website, MARCAN where you find links to all websites that publish tender notices for procurement opportunities across Canada. See the doing business section of the MARCAN page for more information.

For direct links to the tendering sites for the Atlantic Provinces, please see below: 

Treated unfairly by another province?

If you have reason to believe that you have been treated unfairly in the tendering process conducted by another province, territory or the federal government, please contact us at: [email protected]. Working with our partners at Intergovernmental Affairs, we will investigate on your behalf.