Government of New Brunswick


Standard Terms and Conditions

The Atlantic Standard Terms & Conditions were developed by the four Atlantic Provinces to provide suppliers with a common set of terms & conditions that apply to most Atlantic government tenders. In the event of any conflict between these terms & conditions and the tender package, the tender package shall have precedence and will be assumed to be correct.

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Trade Agreements

In addition to the Procurement Act, public procurement is governed by trade agreements to ensure that the process is open, fair and transparent. Trade agreements were created to improve market access for the goods and services that are to be purchased by reducing barriers to labour mobility, investments, energy, agriculture, and government procurement. Each agreement deals with different rules, exemptions and scope. It is important to review all applicable trade agreements before submitting a bid for a tender. The tender package will advise which trade agreements apply.

The main domestic agreements that apply to procurement of goods and services in New Brunswick are:

There are currently three international trade agreements: