Government of New Brunswick
Title Fees Forms Contacts Online
Title Fees Forms Contacts Online
Abuse of Seniors and Disabled Adults (PLEIS)  
Accessible Services - Public Libraries  
Adult High School Diploma - Certification 
Aquaculture Licence - Commercial
Aquaculture Licence - Institutional
Aquaculture Licence - Private
Bear Hunting Licence
Birth Certificate
Boiler Inspections - Certificate of Competency 
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Installation Permit 
Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students 
Canada Student Grant for Persons with Dependants  
Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities  
Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities 
Canada Student Loan and New Brunswick Student Loan  
Canada Student Loans for Part-time Students 
Canadian Potato Variety Repository (AA) 
Change of Address (Property Accounts)  
Change of Sex Designation 
Civil Law in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Civil Officiants  
Compressed Gas Licences - Class A
Compressed Gas Licences - Class G
Compressed Gas Licences - Class ICE
Compressed Gas Licences - Class PPO, PTO
Compressed Gas Licences - Class RVT, DAT, IMT and M
Compressed Gas Licences - Medical Gas
Consumer Law in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Coordinate Survey System  
Corporate Law for Non-Profit Organizations (PLEIS)  
Corporate Registry - Search
Criminal Law in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Crown Lands - Camp Lot Lease
Crown Lands - Lease and Permit for Aquaculture Purposes
Crown Lands - Lease for Agricultural Purposes (other than blueberry)
Crown Lands - Leases
Crown Lands - Licence of Occupation
Crown Lands - Maple Sugary Lease 
Crown Lands - Shooting Range Lease
Crown Lands - Wind Exploration Licence
Crown Lands - Wind Farm Lease
Dairy Lab Testing 
De la République Provincial Park 
Death Certificate
Digital Topographic Data Base (1998)  
Driver Examination On-Line Booking Service 
Driver Examiner Services  
Driver Insurance Abstract Service 
Driver's Handbook - For Sale  
Driver's Licences 
Driver's Licences for New Residents 
Education: Admission and Payments  
Electrical Licences
Electronic Invoicing 
Electronic Library New Brunswick - Public Libraries  
Employment Standards Rights and Responsibilities 
Equal Employment Opportunity Program   
Family Law in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Family Violence in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Farm Business Registry 
Filing A Securities-Related Complaint   
Firearms - Possession and Acquisition Licence 
Firearms Licences for Businesses  
Fishing - Crown Reserve Licences 
Food Premises Licence
Gas Business Licences
Gas Installation Permit 
Gasoline and Motive Fuel Retailer's Licence
Gasoline, Motive Fuel and Carbon Emitting Product Purchaser's Permit
Genealogical and Historical Resources - Public Libraries  
General Educational Development (GED) - Employment and Continuous Learning Services 
GeoNB – Access NB Mapping Information  
Going Into a Nursing Home (PLEIS)  
Government of New Brunswick Telephone Directory, Online Access  
Heritage Week - Events  
Herring Cove Provincial Park 
Historical Memorabilia for Sale  
Historical Research Publications For Sale  
Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park 
Incorporation / Registration of a Business - Business Corporations Act 
Incorporation of Non-Profit Companies 
Interlibrary Loan Service - Public Libraries  
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Licence
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Online Quarterly Tax Return 
Investigations of Complaints - Employment Standards 
Job Bank for Employers  
Job Bank for Job Seekers  
Landlord and Tenant Services  
Language Proficiency Evaluation 
Learner's Licence (Class 7)
Learning Opportunities   
Library Card - Public Libraries   
Library Services by Mail - Public Libraries  
Mactaquac Provincial Park 
Marriage Certificate
Marriage Licence 
Mineral Claims, Acquisition and Search 
Moose Hunting Licence
Motor Vehicle Inspection Station Licence
Motor Vehicle Registration
Mount Carleton Provincial Park 
Municipalities (Cities, Towns, Villages) and Rural Communities  
Murray Beach Provincial Park 
New Brunswick Bursary 
New River Beach Provincial Park 
Office of Support Enforcement (OSE) 
On-Site Sewage Disposal System Application - Assessment and Inspection 
On-Site Sewage Disposal System Installer Licence – Conventional 
Online Bill Payment (Horizon and Vitalité)  
Online Catalogue - Public Libraries   
Online Databases - Public Libraries   
Online Reference Service - Public Libraries   
Ozone Depleting Substances and other Halocarbons Permits
Parlee Beach Provincial Park 
Patient Connect NB   
Payment of Training Skills Development (TSD) overpayment  
Personal Property Registry System - Lien Check Service 
Personal Property Search 
Pesticide Applicator Certificate 
Pesticide Operator Licence 
Pesticide Permit
Pesticide Vendor Licence 
Planning for the Future (PLEIS)  
Plant Propagation Centre 
Plumbing Licences
Plumbing Permits 
Power Engineer Licences
Private Commercial Signage Permit
Property Assessment Information - Online Access  
Property Assessment Services - Property Tax Allowance 
Property Assessment Services - Residential Property Tax Credit 
Property Tax Certificate
Property-Based Environmental Information
Provincial Offences Procedures Act (Fines) - POPA - Payment Taking 
Provincial Themes - Maps  
Queen's Printer - Legislation
Real Estate Law in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Reference Indexes and Maps  
Register / Renewal of a Business Name 
Registration / Declaration of a Limited Partnership 
Registration of a Business Partnership
Renewed Tuition Bursary 
Repayment Assistance Measures for Student Loans  
Reporting Forest Damage (insect or disease)  
Seafood Processing Licences and Certificates
Search the New Brunswick Court Index 
Seniors - Low-Income Seniors' Benefit  
Skills Boost Top-Up to the Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students 
Softcopy Orthophotomap Data Base (Distortion-free aerial photos)  
Special Greeting Requests  
Steamfitter-Pipefitter Licence
Sugarloaf Provincial Park 
Surplus Property 
Survey Control Network  
Taxes - Real Property Taxation Payments 
Tender Documents - Individual Fees 
Tenders Online - New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON)  
Tobacco Retailer's Licence
Tobacco Wholesaler's Licence
Trail Authorization (Snowmobile and ATV Permit) 
Trucking Services - Special Permits
Veterinary Field Services 
Veterinary Laboratory Services 
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Mark-up 
Victims of Crime in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
Water and Sewer Payments and Municipal Services 
Watercourse and Wetland Alteration Permit  
Watershed Protected Area Designation Order (Application for an Exemption)  
Welder's Certificates
Wellfield Protection 
Wills and Estate Planning in New Brunswick (PLEIS)  
WorkSafeNB - Application for WorkSafeNB coverage   
WorkSafeNB - Electronic Accident or occupational disease reporting   
WorkSafeNB - Employer Assessment Payment  
Youth Justice in New Brunswick (PLEIS)