Government of New Brunswick


Student financial assistance from the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick is designed to help eligible New Brunswick residents access post-secondary educational opportunities and to encourage them to complete their education in a timely and successful manner.

All federal and provincial student loan, grant and bursary programs for New Brunswick post-secondary students are administered by Student Financial Services.

You can get information about financial assistance for both full-time and part-time studies at or by calling Student Financial Services.


To be eligible for the Renewed Tuition Bursary (RTB), you must meet all of the following requirements.
You must:
• apply to the New Brunswick Student Financial Assistance Program and demonstrate eligibility for federal and provincial funding;
• be enrolled full-time, on/after August 1, 2019, in an undergraduate degree, diploma or certificate program at a public or private college or university located in New Brunswick that is designated to receive student financial assistance;
• meet the income threshold requirements;
• not have exceeded the loan year* RTB maximum of $3,000 for university/$1,500 for college students;
• not have exceeded the tuition bursary lifetime limit (encompasses tuition bursaries received since 2016):
- three academic years for college programs;
- four academic years for most university programs (five years, if that is the established timeline of the program); and
- four academic years for a combination of college and university studies (five years, if that is the established timeline of the program).

* Loan year is defined as August 1 each year to July 31 the following year.


The RTB Program is a non-repayable provincial bursary designed to make post-secondary more accessible through the provision of increased upfront financial assistance. The goal of the RTB program is to ensure that a portion of tuition costs are covered for qualifying students.

The RTB is delivered through the New Brunswick Student Financial Assistance Program. The RTB will provide for a portion of tuition costs in conjunction with the existing Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students. The amount of the RTB is based on family size and income. The amount of funding decreases as the student’s family income increases, until they reach the corresponding maximum income cut-off.

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