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Service New Brunswick is committed to collecting, using, disclosing and disposing of personal information (PI) and personal health information (PHI) entrusted to it in a manner that is accurate, confidential, secure and private.

As a public body, Service New Brunswick is subject to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (the RTIPPA), and the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act,(the PHIPAA). As well, Service New Brunswick subscribes to the ten privacy principles of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information, (the Code). Service New Brunswick shall comply with all applicable privacy legislation and regulations, related to protecting the confidentiality of personal information.

Service New Brunswick has incorporated the Code’s ten privacy principles into its Corporate Privacy Policy and other privacy related policies, in order to:

  • clearly articulate the responsibilities of Service New Brunswick in relation to PI and PHI;
  • define the privacy principles that guide Service New Brunswick’s business;
  • promote and strengthen accountability for good privacy management practices and  foster a culture of privacy amongst  personnel; and
  • provide increased confidence in Service New Brunswick’s effectiveness in identifying and mitigating privacy risks and ensure compliance with privacy policies, legislation, and regulations.

For more information relating to Service New Brunswick’s privacy policies or practices, please contact its Chief Privacy Officer.


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