Government of New Brunswick

Service New Brunswick is committed to collecting, using, disclosing and disposing of personal information (PI) and personal health information (PHI) entrusted to it in a manner that is accurate, confidential, secure and private. As a public body, Service New Brunswick is subject to the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (RTIPPA), and the Personal Health Information Privacy and Access Act (PHIPAA).

The Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

RTIPPA sets out the rules that “public bodies” must follow when collecting, using and disclosing personal information. It also establishes a general right to access public records held by a public body, as well as a right for individuals to access and correct their own personal information. For more information on RTIPPA please see the Government of New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy website.

Personal Health Information Protection and Access Act

PHIPAA sets out the rules that “custodians” and “information managers” must follow when collecting, using, disclosing and managing personal health information and provides individuals with the right to request access to and the correction of records containing their own personal health information. For more information on PHIPAA please see the Department of Health’s Privacy and Access website.



To deliver the services that Service New Brunswick is mandated to provide, it collects your personal information directly from you and indirectly from its partners, as permitted by law. Service New Brunswick only collects the personal information necessary for the provision of the services provided.

Use and Disclosure

Service New Brunswick only uses or discloses your personal information for the purpose it was collected for or for a use consistent with that purpose. Service New Brunswick may also use or disclose your personal information for other purposes as permitted in RTIPPA, such as, but not limited to, complying with another law, for the provision of a common or integrated service, program or activity, making a payment or for law enforcement. Service New Brunswick needs to get your consent before using or disclosing your personal information for any additional purpose.

Service New Brunswick works with third-party service providers for services, such as payment processing, which may require them to access or use information about you. If a service provider needs to access information about you to perform services on behalf of Service New Brunswick, they do so under close instruction from Service New Brunswick, including policies and procedures designed to protect your information.

 Safeguarding your information

Service New Brunswick has implemented physical, administrative and technological safeguards to protect the personal information in its custody and to control against theft, loss and unauthorized access, use or disclosure. These protections include, but are not limited to:

  • Establishing policies and ensuring that employees are aware of these policies
  • Limiting access to personal information to only those who have a need to know to perform the duties of their employment
  • Protecting electronic systems and devices
  • Implementing firewalls and encryption
  • Using security features when transferring information electronically
  • Using locked filing cabinets and maintaining secure premises
  • Maintaining retention schedules and ensuring that, when personal information is no longer needed, it is securely destroyed or de-identified

Service New Brunswick may store your personal data using secure on-site servers or other internally hosted technology. Your personal data may also be stored by third parties via cloud services or other technology, to whom Service New Brunswick has contracted with, to support business operations. These third parties do not use or have access to your personal data other than for cloud storage and retrieval. Service New Brunswick requires such parties to adhere to its policies, procedures and security requirements to protect your personal information.

Access to and Correction of Personal Information

You have the right to request access to any public record including records containing your personal information. You also have the right to seek corrections to the personal information contained in the records held by Service New Brunswick.

For more information relating to Service New Brunswick’s privacy policies or practices or if you have a concern, please contact its Chief Privacy Officer.

Additional Contact Information for the Chief Privacy Officer:

Mail: P.O. Box 1998, Fredericton, NB E3B 5G4 

Phone: (506) 478-7843
Fax: (506) 453-5384
Email: [email protected]