Government of New Brunswick

Service New Brunswick (SNB) is home to more than 2,400 employees who share a common vision: "Excellence in Service Delivery." Every day, our employees provide high quality, innovative public services for customers with a focus on value for all New Brunswickers. SNB is a Crown corporation administered by the Province of New Brunswick and overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

SNB is the Government of New Brunswick’ chief provider of front-line services to the public, delivering:

  • more than 300 services to the public through a network of office locations, online services, and Service New Brunswick TeleServices (customer contact centre);
  • access to many federal, provincial and municipal government services;
  • operation of New Brunswick's Land, Personal Property, and Corporate Registries;
  • assessment of all land, buildings and improvements for property taxation purposes and operation of the province's Property Assessment system; and
  • maintenance of New Brunswick's land information infrastructure, including its survey control network and topographic mapping system.

SNB also provides vital operations for the provincial civil service, including:

  • delivering procurement and sourcing services for Part 1 (GNB departments), Part 2 (school districts), and Part 3 (regional health authorities);
  • leading the Energy Management strategy for GNB;
  • Information Technology services for Part 1 and Part 3;
  • Accounts payable services and central collections services;
  • Payroll and benefits services;
  • Printing and postal services; and
  • Translation services

SNB’s operations are funded through a combination of regulated fees for registry services, payments from the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) and municipalities, grants that GNB provides to deliver services on its behalf, and sales of products and services.  SNB has a budget of more than $261 million.