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The Companies Act Provides for the incorporation of non-profit or not-for-profit companies.


To incorporate a non-profit or not-for-profit company, an application for incorporation must be filed under the Act along with the appropriate fee payment.

Provisions exist under the Act detailing the incorporation process. Once incorporated, the company has certain reporting obligations, such as the filing of an annual return under the Act. Likewise, processes are set out to deal with amendments to the charter of the company, such as changes to the name of the company, dissolutions, etc.


To incorporate a company under the Companies Act the following documentation is required along with the incorporation fee.

- Application for incorporation
- NUANS name search report


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Fees for Incorporation to $25,000 (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)62.001991-01-01
  $25,001 to $50,000 (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)112.001991-01-01
  $50,001 TO $75,00 (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)162.001991-01-01
  Exceeds of $75,001(includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)212.001991-01-01
  Application for Supplementary letters patent (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)112.001991-01-01
  Application for Supplementary letters patent for increasing cost of value of propertyBased on incorp.fee/Basé sur frais d'incorp.1991-01-01
  Applications for Supplementary letters patent changing the name of the company (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)62.001991-01-01
  Application for Supplementary letters patent where necessary for Income Tax purposed (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)12.001991-01-01
  Letters patent of Continuation (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)112.001991-01-01
  Discontinuance (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)212.001991-01-01
  Exemption of Incorporation fees for Canadian Legions (includes $12.00 Royal Gazette fee)12.001991-01-01
  Reissuance of Letters Patent12.001991-01-01
  Notice of Appointment or Discharge of a Receiver or Receiver-Manager 12.001991-01-01
  Notice of Change of Head Office e-filed2.002006-03-17
  Notice of change of Head Office Paper filed0.001991-01-01
  Notice of Change of Directors e-filed2.002005-11-08
  Notice of Change of Directors Paper Filed60.002006-04-01
Annual Returns2006-04-01
  For section 16 or 18 companies (non-profit, not for profit) e- filed2.002007-02-04
  For section 16 or 18 companies (non-profit, not for profit) Paper filed0.001991-01-01
  For companies not exempted from payment of annual filing fees50.001992-01-01
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