Government of New Brunswick


In New Brunswick a marriage may be solemnized by any of the following celebrants:
• A Cleric (Religious Officiant) registered under the Marriage Act of New Brunswick;
• An appointed Clerk or Deputy clerk of the Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick; or
• A Civil Officiant, who may solemnize civil marriage ceremonies.


Members of the Law Society of New Brunswick who meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by regulation may become a civil officiant authorized to solemnize marriages in the province.


1. Determine your eligibility as per the Marriage Act.
2. Complete online application form and pay fee.
3. Notification off your civil officiant number will be sent by email.
4. Hard copy registration forms will be sent to you by regular mail.
5. You can order more supplies by calling (506)453-2385.

Your name will be posted on the SNB website if you have selected this option upon application. If you do not wish to be listed as available to solemnize marriages in New Brunswick, please decline this option.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
One Year Appointment100.00
Yearly renewal fee100.00
Expedited processing of application for appointment or renewal50.00
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