Government of New Brunswick


The Digital Topographic Data Base - 1998 (DTDB98) is a digital representation of natural and cultural features of New Brunswick, organized into 1894 map windows (or files). It is made up of two databases: the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Data Base and the Enhanced Topographic Base (ETB).




ETB Files
The ETB files are organized in 1:10,000 map windows and consists of:
Graphic Files that contain geographic features (roads, lakes, rivers, buildings, etc).
Attribute Files that contain descriptive text for some of the geographic features (road and hydrography attributes).

ETB files contain topographic features organized into nine general categories: Buildings, Designated Areas, Delimiters, Land Cover, Land Features, Transportation (Road/Railroad), Structures, Utilities and Hydrography. Transportation and Hydrography are each maintained in their own files. The remaining seven general categories are maintained in one file.

DTM Data Base
The DTM Data Base is a digital representation of elevations organized into individual DTM files with the same 1:10,000 windows used for the ETB. There are no attribute files associated with these files. The DTM files contain elevation mass points, check points, and spot heights.

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