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The following outlines the procedures for obtaining Tender Documents and Plans called under the Crown Construction Contracts Act for the fiscal year 2014-2015 (April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015). The prices quoted below include H.S.T.

Please be advised that the following can be purchased online from Service New Brunswick (SNB) by credit card (Master Card, Visa or American Express)

• 2015 NB DTI Standard Specifications – Transportation (Hard Copy or CD)
• Individual Fees for Tender Documents and Plans




A Right to Bid charge will be applied to each tender posted by this Department. The Right to Bid charge, once paid, will ensure that the firm is listed, on the this department's List of Bidders for a specific tender, as having received the tender documents, which is a requirement as per the Crown Construction Contracts Act.


Please note that all Tender Documents, including the Particular Specifications, Form of Tender, and any Plans, will be available to view or print through the New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON). All prices below include HST. No refunds will be given on items included in this list.

A Right to Bid charge will be applied to each tender and does not include the cost of printed Tender Documents and / or Plans. See the following table for full charges by tender category.

Tender Document Charges (Prices listed below for printed Plans and Full Tender Documents, which will be mailed to firms once payment is received, include the Right to Bid Charge).


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Additional Tender Documents (Includes HST)
  Right to Bid92.002011-04-01
  Right to Bid and Plans125.402011-04-01
  Right to Bid and Full Tender Package128.202011-04-01
Grading (includes Storm Drainage, Curb and Gutter, and Clearing Contracts) 2011-04-01
  Right to Bid92.002011-04-01
  Right to Bid and Plans105.002011-04-01
  Right to Bid and Full Tender Package107.602011-04-01
Paving, Signing, Lighting2011-04-01
  Right to Bid92.002011-04-01
  Right to Bid and Full Tender Package102.102011-04-01
Gravel Crushing and Screening2011-04-01
  Right to Bid92.002011-04-01
  Right to Bid and Full Tender Package101.702011-04-01
2015 NBDTI Standard Specifications for Highway Construction (Includes HST)2011-04-01
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