Government of New Brunswick

Green Procurement aims to reduce the adverse environmental impacts of purchased goods and services throughout their entire life cycle. Many organizations worldwide, both public and private, are realizing the importance and the benefits of adopting green procurement practices and are making efforts to purchase goods and services that are less harmful to the environment.

What is Green Procurement?
Procurement of goods and services with a reduced environmental impact over similar goods and services that serve the same purpose. Environmental impact considerations include but are not limited to:

  • the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and air contaminants;
  • improved energy and water efficiency;
  • reduced waste and support reuse and recycling;
  • the use of renewable resources;
  • reduced hazardous waste;
  • reduced toxic and hazardous substances; and
  • biodiversity.

Green Procurement Policy for Goods and Services

On January 1, 2022, the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) implemented a Green Procurement Policy. The policy derives from GNB’s Climate Change Action Plan: Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy, and  supports GNB’s efforts to address challenges and opportunities presented by a changing climate.

While the New Brunswick First Procurement Policy fosters a Think NB culture, the Green Procurement Policy fosters a Think Green culture. Together, these policies define key sustainable procurement principles for GNB when procuring goods and services.

Click here to view the Green Procurement Policy.