Government of New Brunswick

Service New Brunswick (SNB) delivers Accounts Payable services to the following departments and agencies of the Government of New Brunswick:

Aboriginal Affairs (Secretariat) New Brunswick Police Commission (Commission)
Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (Department) Office of the Lieutenant-Governor (Office)
Education and Early Childhood Development (Department) *(Please see important notes and exceptions below) Office of the Premier (Office)
Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (Crown Corporation) Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (Department)
Energy and Resource Development (Department) Premier's Council on Disabilities (Council)
Environment and Local Government (Department) *(Please see important notes and exceptions below)
Regional Development Corporation (Crown corporation)
Executive Council Office (Office) Service New Brunswick (Crown corporation)
Finance and Treasury Board (Department) Social Development (Department)
Health (Department) Tourism, Heritage and Culture (Department)
Opportunities NB (Crown Corporation)
Transportation and Infrastructure (Department) *(Please see important notes and exceptions below) and Vehicle Management Agency
Justice and Public Safety
Vestcor Pension Services Corporation (Other)
Labour and Employment Board (Agency)
Worker's Compensation Appeals Tribunal (Agency)

Please note that SNB does not currently provide accounts payables services to the following Departments, Agencies, Commissions, Crown Corporations and Offices;


Auditor General of New Brunswick (Agency) New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation (Crown corporation)
Citizen's Engagement (Agency) New Brunswick Legal Aid Service Commission (Commission)
College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (Crown corporation)

New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (Crown corporation)

Council of Atlantic Premiers Secretariat (Council)

Northern New Brunswick Initiative (Department)

Elections New Brunswick (Agency)

Office of Government Review (Department)
Energy and Utilities Board (Board) Office of the Access to Information and Privacy Commissioner (Office)
Financial and Consumer Services Commission (Crown corporation) Office of the Child and Youth Advocate (Office)
Francophonie (Office) Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages for NB (Office)
Legislative Assembly (Office) Office of the Consumer Advocate for Insurance (Office)
Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission (Commission) Office of the Ombudsman (Office)
NB Power (Crown corporation) Red Tape Reduction (Other)
NB Research and Productivity Council (Crown corporation) Right to Information and Protection of Personal Information Task Force (Premier's Task Force)
New Brunswick Community College (Crown corporation)

Rural Affairs (Other)

New Brunswick Human Rights Commission (Commission) New Brunswick Women's Council

New Brunswick Insurance Board (Commission),

Women's Equality (Other), Worksafe NB (Commission

Education and Early Childhood Development

  • Only the Accounts Payable (AP) services in the department’s head office have transitioned to SNB. Invoices should continue to be sent directly to  schools and school districts as their AP services have not transitioned.

Environment and Local Government

  • Local Service District (LSD) invoices should continue to be sent directly to your Local Service District office.

Social Development

  • All payments related to the client types listed below are processed by SNB, Client and Case Operations. Please ensure that all invoices are clearly marked to ensure they are routed to the correct unit for processing. Invoices related to Client and Case are exempt from the mandatory requirements listed in the SNB Invoice Guide.

• Income Assistance, (label as NBCase) – Any invoices paid through NBCase.
• Social Services, (Label as NBFamilies) – Any Invoices paid through NBFamilies.
• NB Housing, (Label as TIP) – Any invoices that use an HPO (Housing Procurement Order) or DA (Disbursement Authorization) to process the payment.

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Buildings Group: Please continue to send invoices for the following teams directly to your departmental project contact or regional office:

 ● Design and Construction
 ● Special Projects
 ● Facilities Management
 ● Properties

  • Capital Construction Contracts: Please continue to send supporting invoices (extra work, force account work, material invoices, etc.) related to progress estimates directly to the appropriate personal responsible for the contract (I.e., Resident Engineer).
  • Goods: Where invoices are shipped or picked up with the goods, this process will remain the same.

Confidential Information

  • Invoices must not include information about individuals that would be considered personal, confidential, or in violation of privacy legislation.

For more information or any questions related to the departments and agencies served by SNB, please contact:

SNB Accounts Payable Services
Tel.: 1-888-487-5050 (select your language of choice, then press ‘3’)