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Land Registry was traditionally operated through a network of 15 county-based registration offices where legal plans and documents such as deeds, mortgages and wills relating to the ownership of real property could be registered. Over time these county-based offices had been consolidated to 13. Another office consolidation has taken place in 2017-2018, there is now one provincial office in St. Stephen.  Please refer to the Latest News section for more details on this office consolidation.

Land Registry records are available for public scrutiny, the archives date back to the original Crown grants. Land-based transactions are conducted through PLANET, an integrated online system of land registration, property mapping and real property information. There is also a coordinate survey system and an associated survey control network that are available to determine the position (coordinates) for any point, feature or structure in the province. Condominiums are administered by the Condominium Property Act which sets out the rules for developing, operating, and managing this form of home ownership.

Land Registration

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