Government of New Brunswick

In order to facilitate the verification of the name of your client for land titles transactions, the following has been established:

Online Application for Vital Statistics

The online application below can be used to submit and pay for your Land Titles Transactions requests.

Please note the following:

  • The online application referenced above is to be used solely for purposes of Land Registry transactions.
  • A birth certificate must be requested.
    It will be mailed or couriered to the law office address as instructed. This facilitates making a copy for your client file. You must then ensure the original birth certificate is delivered to your client by appropriate secure delivery means. 
    Birth certificates are mailed out in a very plain non-government envelope, in keeping with national standards. Please advise your mail processing staff of this.
Email Confirmation of the Name on Birth Certificate by Vital Statistics

A request for this additional service should be on an exception basis only and based on an urgent pending land transaction.

If your request is urgent, you must select Expedited Service as well as Email Confirmation in order to ensure that your email confirmation will be received within 48 hours.


Status of Application

You can check on the status of an order using the online Order Status application

You will be prompted to enter Vitalware Order Receipt Identification Number (LTAFS#####).


Processing Timelines

Vital Statistics turnaround times can be viewed by going to"'Our Current Processing Times for Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates"



Applications sent by fax are no longer acceptable.