Government of New Brunswick

The Land Registry accepts designated documents submitted in electronic format for registration under the Land Titles System. The Electronic documents, once registered, shall affect the title in the same manner as traditional submission of paper instruments.

Only documents designated by regulations shall be submitted in electronic format to the Land Registry office. The designated documents types are:

  • Transfer
  • Mortgage
  • Collateral Mortgage
  • Discharge of Mortgage
  • Assignment of Mortgage
  • Assignment of Lease
  • Assignment of Charge
  • Other Assignment
  • Application of Survivor(s)

The following Land Titles Electronic Document Submission tutorials are available on-line for the documents types implemented after 2013: 

On-line tutorials are not available for Land Titles Electronic Document types implemented before 2013. Nevertheless, the tutorials available on-line provide adequate guidance for basic functionalities since all Electronic forms are designed following the same standards. Furthermore, you may refer to the following Process Charts which highlights common cases. 

Land Registry Electronic Document Submission - Process Charts

These Process Charts cover typical scenarios. They may help the users understand the most common cases of Electronic Document Submission.