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Kiosk and Online Services


What information is available in the Land Registry records?

The Land Registry includes information dating back to the original crown grants, over 230 years ago. It features current real property ownership information, property assessment, property mapping and historical information such as registered documents and plans, historical grantor/grantee index and books, and much more.


What is the difference between Real Property & Personal Property?

Real Property refers to land and attachments (buildings). Personal Property refers to moveable goods such as cars, mini homes, furniture and intangibles such as accounts receivable.


How do I search Land Registry records?

You can access Land Registry records related to the ownership of real property by accessing PLANET through a kiosk computer in a service centre or online through subscription (see next question on how to setup an account). 

Please refer to the Land Registry Kiosk Service information document for more details.


How do I setup an account to have online access to Land Registry records?

Please complete forms 1 to 4, on the following SNB website, to establish a client account:

Registry and Mapping Services / Client Authentication Package 

Your organization will become a client of PLANET. Users will be issued a user specific ID and password. There is a minimum charge of $10.00 per month to have a PLANET account. For a more detailed explanation of the fees, please refer to the Real Property Information, Services and Fees section.