Government of New Brunswick

Each year, we issue a property assessment notice to owners of property in New Brunswick.

The notice contains important information about your property value and should be reviewed carefully.  Advise us immediately if you disagree with any of the information on your notice, as follows:

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The notice provides the classification and assessed value of your property, as of January 1 of the year for which the assessment was made, as indicated in the upper right title on your notice.

All property owners will receive an annual notice each year. If updates are made to the property, you may receive a subsequent amended or other type of notice.

Your notice provides basic profile information about your property.

A Property Account Number (PAN) is assigned to your property to identify it for assessment and taxation purposes.

A Parcel Identification Number (PID) is assigned to your property to locate it on maps.  If your property consists of more than one PID we indicate this on your notice by “*multiple”. Some properties may not have an assigned PID (e.g., mobile homes) , so the PID will be blank on these notices.

If your property has a lease attached to it, we will indicate in the property profile area the name of the other person(s) or organization on the lease.

The property location and description area of your notice lists the physical address of your property, our description of your property with the location.


Your notice will highlight the real and true (market) value of your property as of January 1 of the previous year. This should reflect the price that your property would likely sell for on the open real estate market at that point in time.


The property assessment information section provides details on this real and true value.


If your property is residential, we further categorize this portion of the value as:

  • Owner-occupied: The portion of a residential property that is receiving the residential tax credit. The residential tax credit is applied to the portion of the home you maintain as your principal residence and up to 0.5 hectares of land;
  • Non owner-occupied: Property that is not your principal residence, including additional land or buildings.

The Assessment for Taxation is the value used for calculating your property tax levy.  This amount reflects any reduction made to the Real Property Assessment value to provide tax relief, including:

  • Assessment Spike Protection: Owner-occupied properties are protected from unexpected assessment spikes. Any increase greater than 10% will be phased in over time, making assessment growth much more stable and predictable. Properties that have sold in the previous year and all new construction and/or major improvements are excluded from this protection;
  • Assessment Reduction Program: Depending on the use of the property, charitable or not-for-profit organizations can get a reduction in the value of the property – resulting in a lower property tax bill.


Depending on your property classification, this section will provide you additional explanation of your assessed value.

We may also identify if your property classification suggests possible eligibility for certain tax relief programs.


The bottom portion of your notice encourages you to learn more about market value and sale prices in your area by accessing our Property Assessment Online tool.  Most importantly, if you have the right to Request a Review of your property’s assessed value, this section will indicate the deadline date for us to receive this request.  


The access key is a privacy and security feature to protect your information and ensure only you can make changes on your account.

You will need it for online services, such as a change of address or a Request for Review, as well as for identification when contacting us by phone.

The property assessment notice is mailed to the last known mailing address of the property owner.  If you did not receive or have misplaced it, request a copy of your notice here.