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Perhaps you’re thinking of buying or selling a home. Or maybe you’re just curious about your property assessment value. 

Either way, you can use our easy tool Property Assessment Online (PAOL) to familiarize yourself with assessment and sale price information for your own property and for all types of properties in your neighborhood and throughout New Brunswick.

Using PAOL you can:

  • Find a property through text search using address, Property Account Number (PAN) or Parcel Identifier Number (PID);
  • Navigate through and select properties using a provincial map; and
  • View current assessed value for each property selected, as well as assessment values dating back four years, recent sales prices for the property and neighboring properties, and tax levy information.
  • Sale prices are listed only for properties sold after January 1, 2009

NB Property Assessment regularly uploads the most current assessment and sales data to PAOL.

Our privacy commitment to you:

This service is intended to provide easy access to property assessment information. In honouring the spirit and intent of the privacy legislation, we have designed this free service to give non-identifiable, anonymous information that allows for property inquiries for assessment comparison purposes.


  • The current assessed value is listed for all properties
  • The legislation that existed prior to Jan. 1, 2009 required us to keep sales prices confidential. This legislation was amended in Dec. 2008 to allow for this new transparency in publicizing sale prices.
  • Please allow 30 days after closing for the sale price to appear in the system.

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