Government of New Brunswick

Property assessment, based on market value, plays an important role in paying for local and provincial services across the province. The assessed value of homes and other properties within a municipality or rural area make up what is known as the tax base.

As part of their annual municipal budget process, municipalities use their tax base to figure out what tax rate they need to use to cover their spending for the following year.

For most home owners within a municipality, your tax bill is largely a result of the following equation:


For certain types of property, the provincial government also applies a tax to help cover the cost of provincially-provided services, such as road maintenance and snow removal. These properties include:

  • Rental
  • Industrial
  • Recreational
  • Commercial
  • Homes in local service districts (LSDs)

Each year, NB Property Assessment provides each local government or other taxing authority with a portion of the real property assessment list, listing the property located with its boundaries.

Local governments keep this list open to public inspection during reasonable hours.