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Property assessment has an important role in public and private sector planning, taxation, and analysis and in informing individual New Brunswickers.

The regular, unbiased, and reliable updating of property classification and assessment information for all properties in New Brunswick provides a wealth of data with which to better understand economic, environmental, and socio-demographic activities and ongoing change in all parts of our province.


For government planning and taxation


Each year, property assessors review the values of the more than 475,000 properties in New Brunswick.

The resulting property assessment information tells provincial and local governments how many properties, of what type and value, are within the boundaries of each taxing authority.  This is a key input to determining local needs, budgets, and tax rates.

Property assessment values contribute over $80 billion in valuation for taxation purposes, which goes toward supporting vital services in communities throughout our province.

Property assessment information is provided to the Department of Finance and Treasury Board for the issuing of property tax notices in March.

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For government planning and taxation

Property assessment information is also used by governments, by private sector organizations, and by individuals to get a pulse of economic activity, growth, and cost of living in various parts of New Brunswick.

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