Government of New Brunswick

If you maintain a principal residence in New Brunswick, you may be eligible for other property tax programs. These are administered by other departments of Government of New Brunswick.

Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors

This program provides property tax relief to eligible seniors in New Brunswick, who want to apply for a deferral of the annual increase in property taxes on their principal residence.

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A $400 benefit under the Low-Income Senior's Benefit

To assist low-income seniors in New Brunswick, the government offers a $400 annual benefit to qualifying applicants.

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Property Tax Equalized Payment Plan (EPP)

The EPP is a convenient voluntary payment plan that allows eligible homeowners to pay their annual property tax in twelve equal monthly payments without incurring a penalty.

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Homeowner Repair Program

For homeowners in need of major repairs, disabled accessible modifications, and/or adaptations to facilitate seniors’ independent living, assistance is in the form of a loan, a portion of which may not have to be repaid.

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