FREDERICTON (GNB) – The New Brunswick Housing Corporation (NBHC) will be renewed as a separate entity overseeing provincial housing initiatives, facilities, strategy and residential tenancy services.

The new entity will become a Crown corporation separate from other departments.

“I believe that a bolstered New Brunswick Housing Corporation will give us the focus, resources and unified approach needed in helping to address our housing challenges,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Jill Green, who is also minister responsible for housing. “The new corporation will be focused on working with all levels of government, community groups, organizations and the private sector to identify and maximize development opportunities and ensure we are providing the necessary support through a housing strategy.”

The corporation will be led by the minister responsible for housing, supported by a board of directors, senior leaders, and a support team.

“We are encouraged to see the province integrate and streamline its processes to support the construction and delivery of sustainable and affordable housing solutions for New Brunswick’s growing rural communities,” said Alex LeBlanc, board president of the Housing Hub of New Brunswick, and president and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council. “We look forward to working with the province as a partner and stakeholder in working towards positive outcomes from this initiative.”

Once fully implemented, the new corporation will have three primary responsibilities:

  • Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, including overseeing financial housing programs and the development, implementation, and evaluation of a housing strategy.
  • Property Management, responsible for the creation and maintenance of provincial housing facilities and administration of leasing agreements with landlords.
  • The Residential Tenancies Tribunal responsible for answering questions related to renting, mediating disputes between landlords and tenants and ensuring regulations under the Residential Tenancies Act are followed.

Associated housing programs and staff will be transferred from the departments of Transportation and Infrastructure; Social Development; and Service New Brunswick. About 15 new jobs will also be created.

“The renewed corporation, with its expanded mandate, will be well positioned to face our housing challenge head-on,” said Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard. “But it’s important for New Brunswickers to know there is no wrong door for help. The Department of Social Development will still be involved in helping clients who are experiencing homelessness address housing needs through various social assistance programs.”

“The City of Fredericton welcomes the renewal of the New Brunswick Housing Corporation,” said Fredericton Mayor Kate Rogers. “Unlocking more affordable housing is a priority that requires urgent action. Creating a single-entry point within the provincial government will help co-ordinate access to the various programs and people that municipal governments need to work with to ensure housing for all.”

Several legislative changes are required before the new corporation can be fully operational. Green said these changes will be introduced in the spring legislative session and will be finalized with Royal Assent in June.

“There is still work to do,” said Green. “We are working diligently to finalize the details and hope to have more information to share during the housing summit in May.”

Information on provincial housing programs and support is available online or by calling a housing navigator at 1-833-355-3262.