FREDERICTON (GNB) – Most property owners will receive their property assessment notice for 2021 on Oct. 1. These assessments will now be issued separately from their property tax (bills) notices.

The separation of the two notices is one of 25 recommendations from the 2017 auditor general report on property assessment services. New Brunswick is one of the last provinces to adopt the practice of issuing separate notices.

The property assessment notices will begin arriving in mailboxes next week. If a property owner agrees with their assessment, then no further action is required. The notice is not a bill.

If they do not agree with the assessment, the owner can call 1-888-762-8600; or file a Request for Review (RfR) online at Property owners have until Nov. 2 to file a request for review.

A second cycle of assessment notices will be mailed to about 10,000 property owners in January 2021. These properties are ones that have had changes; such as a change in ownership (selling or buying) or new construction later in the current year. The property owners in this second cycle will have 30 days to file a request for review.