Government of New Brunswick

If you have questions that are not answered in the FAQ, please contact our customer service by email at [email protected] or, call SNB Online Support: within the province at 1 888 832-2762 (no charge dial); outside the province at 1 (506) 684-7901. Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday 8:30a.m.-8:00p.m., Saturday 9:00a.m.- 1:00p.m.

How can I renew my driver's licence in New Brunswick?

You can renew your New Brunswick driver's licence by visiting any SNB location in the province.

Do I have to have a photo on my driver's licence?

Yes, a photo on your licence is now mandatory in the province of New Brunswick. You must also have it updated in person at an SNB location each renewal.

My address or personal information is wrong on the renewal notice, how can it be changed?

Address changes can be done by visiting your nearest SNB location.

How will the renewal fee appear on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will appear as follows: Service/Services NB $90.00

My name has changed. How do I change my name on my driver's licence?

Visit an SNB location as soon as possible, and bring your support documents (i.e. court order, marriage certificate, etc.) to have your name properly recorded and your renewal processed at the same time.

I lost, or did not receive, my renewal notice. Can I still renew?

Yes, you can still renew without your renewal notice. Simply use your current driver's licence for the required information.

What should I do with my old driver's licence and renewal notice?

Upon receipt of your new driver's licence, you must destroy your old driver's licence and renewal notice.

In order to renew my driver's licence, I am required to submit a completed medical form. What do I need to do?

If a medical is required to renew your class of driver's licence, you will have to visit an SNB location and submit the medical before your licence will be renewed.

My renewal application indicates that I must pass an air brake test. What do I need to do?

You will have to make an appointment with the driver examiner at an SNB location to undergo this test. Once you've passed the test, you can renew your licence.

My driver's licence has been expired for over two years, can I still renew?

Yes, but you will be required to undergo a full driver's licence examination before you can renew your driver's licence. Please contact your local SNB location to set up and appointment with the driver examiner.

I have a paper driver's licence. How do I obtain a plastic one?

You will have to visit an SNB location in order to get a plastic driver's licence because your signature and photo must be captured electronically for the plastic licence.

My driver's licence is due for renewal, however my licence is presently suspended, can I still renew?

Please visit your local SNB location to have the suspension removed from your licence after which you may renew your licence.