Government of New Brunswick


Service New Brunswick (SNB) and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) have partnered together to develop a program that will allow registered automobile, motorcycle/moped and travel trailer dealers in New Brunswick to register these vehicles from their dealership via SNB Online.


For more information about becoming an online dealer please email Auto Dealer Support or contact DPS at 453-2410.

Part 1 - Client Registration
Part 2 - Financial Officer Registration
Part 3 - Client Administrator Registration
Part 4 - Individual User Registration
Part 5 - Amendment
Standard Terms and Conditions
Client Authentication Frequently Asked Questions

A username and password are required for services listed in this section. If you have registered with Service New Brunswick as an authenticated client, please choose the links below:

Adding a New User
Cancelling a User
Video Tutorial: Assign/DeAssign Access Role
Video Tutorial: Assign/DeAssign Client Admin Role
Video Tutorial: Assign/DeAssign GOL Codes
Video Tutorial: Modify Contact Info