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This program supports the creation of exhibitions and/or the renewal of existing exhibitions in museums and heritage organizations. It also supports the implementation of complementary museum activities such as educational programming, improvement of storage space.


Applications under this program are limited to non-profit museums and heritage organizations based in New Brunswick and incorporated under the Companies Act.
Eligible projects must fall within a programming plan for the museum in accordance with its mission and mandate.


• The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is subject to the Right to Information Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act;
• The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if awarded a grant, the name of the grant recipient, the recipient’s community, the program name, and the amount of the grant, will be published by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture on the Government of New Brunswick web site and in the Department’s Annual Report.


This program offers financial assistance to support two categories of projects:
 Exhibition Renewal;
 Museum Activities Support.

This program does not subsidize preliminary studies or concept development for exhibitions or museum activities.

This program does not subsidize projects or parts of projects started or completed before an application to this program is approved.

Level of Funding:

The maximum grant for the Exhibition Renewal and Museum Activities components of this program is $10,000. The grant must be supplemented by other sources of funding and cannot exceed 75% of the project’s cost.

Application process:

Organizations wishing to apply under this program must fill out the appropriate form and send all supporting documents to the department, up to but no later than October 15.

An organization can only submit one application per Government of New Brunswick fiscal year (April 1st – March 31).

*Please refer to the guidelines which contain important information about the criteria and conditions of this program.

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