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New Brunswick Public Libraries offer free Internet access for public use. Use our public computers to surf the net, catch up on the news, write your resume, or tap into our online databases and our Recommended Websites page. All public libraries in New Brunswick also offer free Wi-Fi access on site.


Public computers are provided to the public. Members of the public who are not New Brunswick public library cardholders are able to use public computers but must provide a valid ID in order to receive a guest pass. Time limits may apply and reservations may be required. Responsibility for a child’s use of the Internet rests solely with his or her parent or legal guardian.


A variety of computers are available for use at public libraries in New Brunswick:

• Public computers offer free Internet access as well as Microsoft Office software.
• Adaptive workstations designed to provide patrons with physical, visual and learning disabilities improved access to print or electronic information. Each public library offers one adaptive workstation.
• Some libraries offer access to 15 minute express computers.
• Every library has at least one public computer for patrons to search the NBPLS online catalogue.
• Some libraries offer tablets for public use.

Most of the computers are connected to printers, with printing available at a small cost per page.

Public computers may be reserved in advance at some locations with a library card.

Free Wi-Fi access is also available at all library locations.

The Wi-Fi network is open and unsecured. NBPLS recommends that patrons do not transmit passwords, financial data, or any other sensitive information via its wireless network. NBPLS is not responsible nor liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of its Wi-Fi network.

To protect personal information about patrons, NB public libraries take measures to delete Internet browsing daily and limit the retention of computer sign-up information to 30 days. Please be advised that your Internet activity may be traceable to you.

Patrons using public computers in public libraries must be considerate of other patrons and the presence of children in the library when displaying content that can reasonably be considered offensive (e.g. pornography).

Accessing inappropriate or illegal content on a public computer or on the Wi-Fi network in any NBPLS library may result in a library suspension. For more information, see NBPLS Policy 1059 - Patron Conduct, and NBPLS Policy 1073 - Internet Access for terms and conditions of use.

For more information, contact us by email at or consult with staff at your local public library.

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