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The Financial and Consumer Services Commission administers the Securities Act and investigates possible violations of securities legislation. It has the authority to impose administrative sanctions on individuals and companies that contravene the Act. Sanctions may include reprimands, financial penalties, suspensions or removal from securities industry.

If you have concerns about the way your investments or securities have been handled, a company you’ve invested in, or believe a company or individual has contravened securities legislation, it’s important to make a formal complaint. Anyone who suspects they have been approached with a securities fraud or have been a victim of securities fraud should report this to the Financial and Consumer Services Commission.

Complaints can be made by telephone, email or online.

Any individual or firm who is in the business of advising or trading in securities or derivatives in New Brunswick must be registered with FCNB. Individuals must also be sponsored by a firm that is registered with FCNB. In some cases, an exemption may apply. Learn more about the categories of registration. You can check registration by using the National Registration Search tool or contacting the Financial and Consumer Services Commission directly.


A securities-related complaint can be made against unregistered individuals or firms and professionals who handle investments that have not obeyed the rules, acted in your best interest or treated you fairly.


What the Financial and Consumer Services Commission can do to help:

• Answer general questions about investment products and services
• Tell you if a firm or representative is registered in New Brunswick, as well as any terms and conditions that currently apply to their registration
• Tell you if an individual or firm has been disciplined by the Financial and Consumer Services Commission
• Present options for pursuing your complaint
• Enforce compliance with securities legislation
• Take action against market misconduct

What the Financial and Consumer Services Commission cannot do:
• Undo a transaction
• Give advice on a specific investment
• Give legal advice
• Comment on an on-going investigation
• Make a complaint on your behalf

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