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Gaseous Hydrogen Chloride (HCl). A colourless gaseous compound of hydrogen and chlorine. Sometimes referred to as hydrochloric acid. It is predominately generated as a result of a combustion reaction with fuels that contain halides, specifically chlorine. Also, it generated from the thermal decomposition of plastics or glass that contain polyvinyl chloride compounds.

Gaussian Distribution. Refers to the assumed concentration profile (using a three dimensional co-ordinate system x, y, z) of an air contaminant from a point source (smoke stack) in the horizontal (y) and vertical (z) directions relative to air dispersion in the downwind (x) direction. Most air dispersion models developed use the gaussian distribution concentration profile assumption.

Geometric Mean. A value of a group of numbers intended to represent the geometric middle of the numbers and is determined by taking the nth root of the product of n numbers.

Give Notice. With respect to section 16(3) of the Clean Air Act, means either the Minister or the organization will inform the public of an application for the issuance of a Class 1 Approval, as well as, any other relevant approvals or matters. This will normally be done through a public channel of communication such as radio, television or newspapers.

Gravity and Momentum Collectors. See Cyclones.

Ground Level Concentrations. The concentration, expressed in micrograms per cubic metre, of contaminants at ground level. Ground level is considered a specific elevation above the ground where human social or economic activity occurs. Also see Maximum Permissible Ground Level Concentration.

Ground Fuel Storage Vessels. See Underground Storage Tank.