Government of New Brunswick


Where can I renew my vehicle registration or get other motor vehicle related information?

Answer: The Department of Transportation no longer has responsibility for motor vehicle related functions. These functions were transferred to Service New Brunswick and to Public Safety.

Where can I find information on highway conditions?

Answer: For information on road conditions, dial 511 within New Brunswick, or 1-800-561-4063 if you are calling from outside of New Brunswick. For information regarding which roads are under construction, please contact the appropriate district office(s).

I am looking for research material. Where should I begin?

Answer: Our website contains information related to transportation technology, copies of or contact information for our publications and links to reputable research associations and groups.

I am planning a vacation in New Brunswick. Where can I find travel information?

Answer: Our website contains information about road conditions, ferries, and the covered bridges and footbridges we maintain. You should also consult the official website of Tourism New Brunswick.

How do I apply for a job?

Answer: For general information about a career in the New Brunswick public service and current job postings, you should consult the website which is responsible for corporate human resource management. For specific information on employment with the Department of Transportation, you should contact our Human Resources Branch, Employment Service Unit, (506) 453-2332.

How do I notify the Department about a pothole or other safety concern?

Answer: You should contact the DOT staff at your local district office and advise them of your concern.

My mailbox or civic address number was damaged during snow plow operations. Will you replace it?

Answer: During snow plowing operations, Department of Transportation crews do their best to avoid damaging or disturbing rural mailboxes and civic address numbers. Should damage occur the department assumes no responsibility.

Where can I get information concerning the Department’s services to the trucking industry?

Answer: For added convenience, the Department of Transportation has put information about its services to the trucking industry online.