FREDERICTON (GNB) – First Nation communities in New Brunswick will host a series of annual powwows across the province this summer.

“Powwows are a celebration of cultural awareness, pride and respect for First Nations heritage,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Ed Doherty, who is also minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs. “They are social gatherings held in the spirit of peace and friendship for all ages to enjoy spiritual ceremonies, indigenous art, music, dancing, clothing, food and crafts, all in honour of First Nations traditions and ancestry.”

Doherty will attend the Fisherman’s Powwow at the Waterford Green Park on Loggie Drive in Miramichi, one of the largest such events of the summer, hosted by Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Roger Augustine.

The two-day celebration in Miramichi begins with a sunrise ceremony on Canada Day, July 1, and the sharing of peace pipes and traditional drums. There will also be a parade of boats and grand entry, followed by music, dancing and connecting with local artisans. Five teepees will be erected in the park as part of the festivities.

All powwows are open to the public and carry on the tradition of embracing family, friends and guests each year.

A complete schedule of powwows being held in the province is available online.