Government of New Brunswick


The tenant must:

  • pay the rent! Failure to pay rent on the date due allows the landlord to commence eviction proceedings
  • keep the rental clean
  • keep any provided items like a stove and fridge clean
  • repair any damage that guests have caused
  • ensure that guests don’t create a disturbance or a nuisance (excessive noise, inappropriate behaviour, etc.)
  • remember this is a property that someone else owns and cares about


Tenants of a rooming house have the same rights and obligations as all other tenants.

Sharing facilities involves a level of interaction between tenants and will require cooperation. Tenant living in a rooming house are often required to live in close proximity and interact in the common areas. This form of tenancy introduces some notion of collective rights such as safety, for example.

A Residential Tenancies Officer is not authorized to deal with complaints or mediate disputes pertaining to meals provided by the landlord.

Additional obligations for tenants of mobile home sites are:

  • maintain the exterior of the mobile home in a good state of neatness, cleanliness and repair, including the skirting of the mobile home, and any structure placed by the tenant on the mobile home site
  • do not carry on or allow any illegal act, trade, business, occupation or calling to take place on the mobile home site or mobile home park
  • do not risk or interfere with the safety, rights, privileges or interests of the landlord or any tenant of a mobile home site in the mobile home park
  • do not violate any health, safety, housing or building standards with regards to the number of people living in a mobile home


The landlord should talk with the tenant and try to solve the issue.

If unresolved, the landlord must give the tenant a written complaint. The tenant has seven days to comply. For issues such as causing a disturbance or a nuisance, the tenant must comply immediately.

If the tenant doesn't comply with the Residential Tenancies Officer, then the tenant may be asked to move out.

Note: In an emergency, the landlord can contact the Residential Tenancies Tribunal immediately, without going through the procedure mentioned above.

There are special rules for issues with the payment of rent. (See section on Eviction)