Government of New Brunswick

I suspect my tenant is involved in criminal activity, what do I do?

Contact the police.  Click here to find out how to properly terminate a tenancy.


The power is included in my tenant’s monthly rent, and I’ve noticed their consumption seems excessive, what can I do?

Discuss the matter with your tenant.  If the lease for this tenancy states a specific amount for usage, complete an Application for Assistance so the Tribunal may intervene.  If not, you can review Municipalities Act for temperature guidelines or renegotiate the lease agreement upon renewal.


I rented an apartment to two tenants but have realized there are a lot more people living in the unit, what should I do?

If the lease for this tenancy specifies only two named people can live in the unit, apply to our office for assistance.  Click here for next steps.


My tenant broke something in the apartment.  What can I do?

This bulletin explains your next steps.


Do I have to remit the security deposit even if the tenant says I don’t have to?

Yes, you a legally required to remit it to the Residential Tenancy Tribunal.  The Residential Tenancies Act states that a landlord must remit the security deposit within 15 days of receiving it.


Can I disconnect the utilities if the tenant doesn’t pay the bills or owes rent?

NO!  You cannot interfere with utilities under any circumstances.  Let us help you!  Here is a bulletin explaining your next steps.


There is a bug or rodent infestation in the apartment.  Who should pay for the treatment?

Generally, the landlord is responsible to pay for treatment. But contact us if you want to discuss a specific situation.


I don’t want to include utilities in the rent anymore.  What can I do?

You can alter the lease to no longer include the utilities by serving a Notice of Alteration to a long-term tenant (5-years or more) or a Mobile Home site tenant.  If your tenant is not a long-term tenant or a mobile home site tenant, you may only alter the tenancy details if you both agree to the change.


Can I go into the apartment without notice if there is an emergency?

Yes, but only if the emergency falls within the following: Flood, Fire or other Safety Hazards.


Can I demand that the tenant only pay me by E-Transfers?



Do I have to try to re-rent the apartment even if the tenant didn’t give me a proper notice?

Yes, you are required to actively engage in re-renting the apartment.  If placing a claim, you may be required to provide proof of your attempts to re-rent.



Email or Telephone 1-888-762-8600 (it is a free call)