Government of New Brunswick

Email: and say you are do not agree with the claim against your security deposit. Include the tenancy number found on the Notice of Claim or on your Certificate of Deposit.

A telephone hearing will be scheduled. Our office will contact you to help you prepare for your telephone hearing.

Your landlord can claim for the following:

  1. No Termination Notice provided (loss of rent due to improper notice/unable to re-rent)
  2. Cleaning and/or Repairs
  3. Unpaid Rent
  4. Utilities
  5. Unpaid late payment fees
What type of evidence can you submit?
  1. No Termination Notice:  submit your copy of the Notice of Termination you served to your landlord.
  2. Cleaning and/or Repairs: Supply photos and the accommodation inspection report taken when you moved in and when you moved out.
  3. Unpaid Rent: Your receipt(s) showing you paid your rent
  4. Utilities: Your receipt(s) that you paid your utilities
  5. Unpaid late payment fees: Your receipt showing you paid the late payment fees, or you paid your rent on time.
What type of evidence is NOT relevant?

Only evidence relating to the claim will be considered.  Do not provide evidence on issues unrelated to the claim.


Visit OR  Telephone 1-888-762-8600 (it is a free call)