Government of New Brunswick

Move In Time: 

  • Tenants should expect to move in at a reasonable time on the morning the lease starts.
  • A specific time should be agreed in advance.


  • Before the tenant starts moving in, the landlord and tenant should walk through the rental together to inspect it thoroughly under good light. Look at the condition of the walls, floors, counters, appliances, and everything else in the unit.
  • Record any damage in an Accommodation Inspection Report.
  • If the landlord promises to fix something, document it, including the date it will be completed.
  • Both landlord and tenant should sign and date the report, and keep a copy.
  • Taking photos is also useful.



  • Either tenant or landlord may end the tenancy by providing proper notice (see Related Links).  A written notice is required and the lease agreement will also have details as it pertains to ending the tenancy.
  • For more information on notice requirements for ending a tenancy see the guidelines in this Lease Information document.


  • Tenants are entitled to proper notice before the landlord shows the rental unit to prospective tenants, unless it is clearly specified in the Residential Agreement  that no notice is required during the last month of tenancy. Refer to this Lease Information document more information.

Move Out Time: 

  • Tenants must be out of the rental unit by midnight on the last day of the lease.

Moving Out: 

  • Tenants must clean the rental unit and all the provided items, such as stoves and fridges, to have the full security deposit returned.
  • Tenants also need to repair any damage that has occurred, other than normal wear and tear.
  • Tenants must take all belongings upon departure.

Final Inspection: 

  • On moving day, the landlord and tenant should do a final inspection of the rental unit.
  • Everything must be reasonably clean.
  • Refer to the Accommodation Inspection Report that was signed on Move In Day, and photos if they were taken, to determine if anything has been damaged.
  • Make notes of any damage, and then both landlord and tenant must sign the report.
  • Be sure the tenant returns all keys.

Security Deposit: 

  • If the tenant and landlord agree on the amount of the security deposit to be returned to both parties, they may sign a Security Deposit Refund Agreement Form.
  • If there has been damage to the rental unit, it is not reasonably clean, or if there is any outstanding unpaid rent, utilities or late fees, the landlord can make a claim against the security deposit.
  • The landlord must submit a Security Deposit Claim Form to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal within seven days of the end of the tenancy.
  • For additional information refer to Security Deposit information page