Government of New Brunswick

On October 1, 2020 NB Property Assessment mailed annual property assessment notices, for 2021, to most property owners in New Brunswick.  Assessments are now issued separately from property tax (bills) notices,

Separating the notices fulfills one of the key recommendations in the Auditor General’s 2017 special report  into property assessment. New Brunswick is one of the last provinces to separate the property assessment notice from the property tax notice (bill).

The separation of notices provides clarity to the different purposes of the property assessment program and the property tax program. A separate property assessment notice also allows property owners time to better understand and review their assessed values.Property owners receiving their annual notice will have 30 days after the mailing of Property Assessment Notices to request a review.

If a review is requested, in most cases Property Assessment Services will have time to perform the review and provide an answer confirming or amending the assessed value, before the property tax notice (bill) is mailed in March.

The introduction of the separate Property Assessment Notice did not  change the way properties are assessed.

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