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This page is set up to inform users of any significant changes to the Registry. It is not intended that this page set out a complete historical record of all information items posted on the page. As information items become "dated" and lose relevancy, they will be deleted.

1. Registration of a Business name by a corporation – Electronic Submission

Effective September 14, 2018 Corporate Registry will launch a new online service which will allow you to submit a business name registration by a corporation electronically rather than having to submit paper documents.  Previously, only a sole proprietor, resident of New Brunswick, could submit a business name registration electronically.  Business Name Registration can be accessed under the Products and Services link of the Corporate Registry web pages at .  Once submitted, the person examining the application will follow up directly with the requestor.

Please note: Where the corporation registering the Certificate of Business Name is a registered extra-provincial corporation, and not a provincial corporation, steps must be taken to appoint an agent in the province who is authorized to accept service of process in all suits and proceedings in the province. A Certificate of Appointment of Agent for Service is required at the time of registration. Also, if the applicant extra-provincial corporation is not registered in New Brunswick, steps must be taken to register as an Extra-provincial Corporation before registering a Certificate of Business Name.

2.  Email Notifications

Effective May 14, 2018 - You may now subscribe to receive Annual Return, Notice of Decision to Dissolve or Notice of Decision to Cancel notifications by email instead of ordinary mail. The email notification should go to the person or organization who will be responsible for filing the annual returns for the corporation or certificates of renewal for the business.

To subscribe, the email address can be entered upon incorporation of a provincial corporation, registration of a business name, renewal of a business name, when completing an annual return, or at any point during the year.

To receive Annual Return, Notice of Decision to Dissolve or Notice of Decision to Cancel notifications by email, please click here

3. Notice :  Forms established by the Director

As part of the Smart Regulation initiative, An Act to Amend the Business Corporations Act will be proclaimed on September 1, 2014. At the same time NB Regulation 81-147 under the Act will be amended to delete all forms under the Regulation.

Pursuant to the amending Act, the Director has authority to establish forms, i.e. prescribe the forms and content of the forms that are required to be sent to the Director.

Based on the above, the Director has established the forms. The forms, including their Form number and content, are identical to the forms that were in the Regulation.

The forms can be accessed online at by selecting “Forms by Department” or going to the SNB Corporate Registry webpage and selecting the “Forms” tab.

Any inquiries, please contact the Corporate Registry at 1-506-453-2703

4. Condo information available online

Effective April 2, 2014, the Corporate Registry online contains certain condominium corporation information.  Notice of Directors and Notice of Change of Directors that are in electronic form can now be accessed.

5. Effective April 25, 2012 - You can now pay for certain Corporate Registry online transactions using your debit card. In the near future this payment option will be available for other online transactions.

6. We have developed an information kit for amalgamations under the Business Corporations Act. It can be accessed under the “Guides & Kits” tab of the Corporate Registry web pages at

7. Name Guidelines

  • The purpose of the name guidelines is to assist persons who may be choosing a name either for incorporation or registration under the Business Corporations Act and the Companies Act or for registration of an unincorporated entity such as a sole proprietorship or partnership, under the Partnerships and Business Names Registration Act or a limited partnership under the Limited Partnerships Act.

    It is recommended that you review the guidelines before choosing a name for your business. The name guidelines can be found at


8. Updates to the Securities Transfer Act

  • The Securities Transfer Act (STA) came into effect on February 1, 2010.  The STA deals with transfers of several types of securities such as shares, bonds and other property interests that arise when investments of various kinds are dealt with. The STA is part of a cross Canada initiative to modernize the rules for the transfer of securities on a harmonized basis.
  • The STA made ancillary amendments to the Business Corporations Act administered by Service New Brunswick.


9. Annual Return Fees and Forms

  1. For provincial business corporations, the annual return fee is now $80 for a return that is submitted in paper form and only $60 if submitted online at Form 24.3 is the new annual return form.
  2. For extra-provincial business corporations, the annual return fee is now $220 for a return that is submitted in paper form and only $200 if submitted online at Form 33.1 is the new annual return form.
  3. The above changes are effective immediately and apply to corporation having an anniversary month in or subsequent to May 2006.


Accessing the online Corporate Registry

Per-Transaction Internet search with Credit Card: Users will be required to enter their credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) to search the online Corporate Registry database. A charge of $3.00 for each detailed search result requested will apply.  

Telephone search inquiry with Credit Card: Users may contact our Teleservice agents toll-free via 1-888-762-8600. A fee of $5.00 for each detailed search result requested will be charged against the Caller's credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).  

Unlimited Internet Searching as a subscriber: For $50.00 per month, billed via Electronic Funds transfer with your Bank, you will have unlimited access to search the database. To obtain a user name and password, you must complete an application which includes banking information. For further information please review and select Corporate Registry.  

We recommend frequent users of the Corporate Registry become subscribers as their most cost effective option to search the Registry.  

How to get started as a subscriber: Forms and instructions are available online at Click on "Registered Clients Enter Here", located to the right of the screen, and then select "Corporate Registry - Client Authentication Package".      

Please note: Businesses and other registrants may access their own information records from the online Registry by inputting their New Brunswick Account Business Number in the available search screen. This is a unique 15 digit number that has been assigned to the business/registrant by the Province of New Brunswick in conjunction with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).      

Who to call for more information: If you have questions or concerns, please contact 1-506-453-2703 or Email: .