Government of New Brunswick
Keyword Search

A keyword search is based on the fact the name of a business is composed of one or more key words. The name of a business in the registry is the name as submitted by the registrant, i.e. such name may be in English, in French or in a combined language version.

A single keyword search searches the database for the keyword that is submitted. The search automatically includes a wildcard function at the end of the word that is submitted.

In a combined keyword search, the search automatically includes a wildcard function at the end of each keyword that is submitted.


Helpful Hints
  1. If not sure about the spelling of a keyword, search all variations, e.g. McDonald, MacDonald

  2. Instead of the complete keyword, consider submitting for search a left justified portion of the keyword, e.g. use "excav" as opposed to "excavating"

    The wildcard function is at the end of the word or portion of the word that is submitted for searching.

  3. When searching a group of initials, this should be done as a single keyword search, with initials being in proper consecutive order
    -  spacing, punctuation and excluded keywords between initials will be ignored by the system.

        e.g. BJ, B J, B.J., B et J, B and J

        Can search BJ and B J and get same display results

    - The search is still left justified. A search of BJ will not reveal "CBJ Enterprises" for example.

  1. As the search is left justified, it searches for the word that is submitted and not the word or portion thereof that is contained in a different keyword in a name.

  2. Searching a hyphenated or potentially hyphenated word should be done with care. You should try a number of different combinations, with and without the hyphen and single and combined consecutive keyword searches in order to find the name. The best alternative is to search another keyword in the name. Another option is to do a single keyword search of that portion of the keyword before any hyphen or potential hyphen in the word.


General Information
  • The Search process is not upper/lower case sensitive, nor is it accent sensitive.
  • The following will be ignored by the search function. They are also excluded from being considered as keywords in the name of a business. They are:
    - Punctuation Marks and Symbols, e.g. ~` ! @ # % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + { } [ ] | \ ; : " ' , . / < > ?
    - Spaces
    - French Accents
    - Legal Elements:

    Ltd Ltée
    Limited Limitée
    Registered Enregistré
    Reg Enrg
    Corp Corporation
    Corporation Corporation
    Incorporated Incorporée, Incorporées
    Co Cie
    Company Compagnie
    Companies Compagnies

    Other excluded words, etc.:

    and et
    of de, des, du
    for pour
    the le, la, les
    on sur
    by en
    an un, une
    to au, aux