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A series of pamphlets dealing with youth justice. The purpose of these pamphlets is to provide some basic information about youth justice in New Brunswick. It does not contain a complete statement of the law in the area and laws change from time to time.

Public Legal Education and Information Service is a non-profit organization that is mandated to provide the public with law information resources. PLEIS-NB receives funding and in-kind support from this Department and the New Brunswick Law Foundation and Justice Canada.


New Brunswick residents.


The publications on Youth Justie include:

• A Chance for Change: Order Form
• A Chance for Change: Video User's Guide
• A Foundation to Build On
• Consumer Feedback Form
• Getting Youth Involved in the Community
• Internet Challenge
• Let's Stop Bullies: Activity Book
• Let's Stop Bullies: Parent's Guide
• Pop Quiz
• Preventing Youth Crime
• Recognizing the Achievements of Youth in Your Community
• Risk Factors
• Risk Factors Sudoku
• Snapshot of Programs and Services for New Brunswick
• Supporting Youth in Conflict With the Law
• Supporting Youth with Disabilities in the Justice System
• The Youth Justice Renewal Initiative
• Victims of Youth Crime
• Youth Have Rights!
• Youth Justice - How do you fit in?
• Youth Justice in New Brunswick Workbook
• Youth Justice Origami Quiz Game

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