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A series of pamphlets dealing with family law. The purpose of these pamphlets is to provide some basic information about family law in New Brunswick. It does not contain a complete statement of the law in the area and laws change from time to time.

Public Legal Education and Information Service is a non-profit organization that is mandated to provide the public with law information resources. PLEIS-NB receives funding and in-kind support from this Department and the New Brunswick Law Foundation and Justice Canada.


New Brunswick residents.


The publications on Family law include:

• Applying for Custody, Access and Support in New Brunswick
• Child & Spousal Support - Questions & Answers
• Child & Spousal Support - What you should know about enforcement if you pay support
• Child & Spousal Support - What you should know about enforcement if you receive support.
• Child & Spousal Support - What you should know about the new tax rules and guidelines on child support
• Court-Ordered Evaluations Support Program
• Custody and Access in New Brunswick
• Doing your own DIVORCE in New Brunswick
• Domestic Legal Aid
• Family Support Orders Service Who We Are & What We Do
• Federal Child Support Guideline Tables
• For the Sake of the Children
• Living Together
• New Brunswick Child Support Variation Kit
• Parenting: Rights and Responsibilities of Young Parents
• The Financial Statement and Income Information
• The Marital Property Act of New Brunswick
• What Parents Should Know About Child Protection
• Who's Minding the Kids? A Homecare Guide
• Who's Minding the Kids? A Parent's Guide
• Who's Minding the Kids? A Sitter's Guide

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Anyone wishing to obtain general family law information or to register for the free parent information program, For the Sake of the Children, please call 1-888-236-2444.

Please note: PLEIS-NB cannot offer legal advice. Anyone requiring specific information about their own situation should contact a lawyer.

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