CENTREVILLE (GNB) – Six contracts worth a total of about $6 million have been awarded since 2021 to Metalfab Ltd., a fire truck and equipment manufacturer, under the New Brunswick First Procurement Strategy and Action Plan.

“The success of our local businesses plays a vital role in building vibrant and sustainable communities,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Mary Wilson. “Metalfab is a perfect example of the direct impact our local businesses have upon the economic growth of our province.”

Wilson made the announcement today during a tour of the Metalfab facility in Centreville.

“We will continue to work with local suppliers to support and strengthen our province’s economy,” said Wilson.

In the 2021-22 fiscal year, 88 per cent of goods, services and construction contracts were awarded to local suppliers. This represents a nine percent increase from last year and resulted in about $100 million in increased spending within the province.

“The NB First Procurement Strategy has provided our business with vital support to help increase our sales,” said Gordon Green, president of Metalfab Ltd. “It has allowed us to maintain a critical mass of local suppliers and employees that is essential to growing the company.”

In November 2020, the provincial government launched the strategy and action plan to support local businesses and reduce barriers to obtaining government contracts.

The strategy and action plan are the result of a collaborative effort between Service New Brunswick, Opportunities NB and the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. They are based upon extensive consultations with suppliers and industry associations in the province.