FREDERICTON (GNB) – Service New Brunswick is preparing to implement a key recommendation of the 2017 auditor general report on property assessment.

In the new year, the province will join almost every other province in issuing separate property tax notices and property tax (bills) notices.

The separation of the two notices is one of the 25 recommendations of the auditor general report on property assessment services.

“We are excited by the improvement we will deliver in late 2020,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Sherry Wilson. “The separation of notices will provide clarity to the distinct purposes of the property assessment program and the property tax program. A separate property assessment notice also allows property owners time to better understand and review their assessed values before they receive their property tax notice a few months later.”

Property owners will not notice any change when they receive their March 2020 assessment and tax notice. However, in October 2020, property owners will receive their first separate assessment notice. There are no taxes to be paid at this time. If property owners have questions, concerns or want to do a request for review, they will have 30 days to request one.

In March 2021, property owners will receive their first separate property tax (bill) notice. Owners have 90 days to pay their property tax bill. There will be no request for review period for property tax bills.

To date, Service New Brunswick has implemented 14 of the 22 recommendations that impact property assessment services. Efforts will continue on the implementation of the remaining recommendations.