FREDERICTON (GNB) – Top names for children born in New Brunswick in 2017 included Emma, Olivia, Liam and Noah.

Preliminary results released by the Vital Statistics Office at Service New Brunswick show that 5,738 children were born in the province in 2017: 2,928 males and 2,810 females. In 2016, there were 6,015 children born: 3,043 males and 2,972 females.

“I congratulate all the families who welcomed new arrivals this past year,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Serge Rousselle. “Our government is committed to making New Brunswick the best place to raise a family with continued investment in early childhood learning and childcare, education and health care.”

In 2017, there were 971 different names given to boys and 1,221 different names given to girls born in the province, compared to 983 different boy names and 1,227 different girl names in 2016.

The most popular names for girls in 2017 were Emma, Olivia, Amelia, Charlotte, Sophia, Madison, Ella, Elizabeth, Willow, Audrey, Claire, Sophie, Lily, Isabelle, Grace, Alexa, Abigail, Scarlett, Ellie, Violet, Ruby, Zoe, Evelyn, Addison, Avery, Harper, Jade, Eva, Ava, Annabelle, Mia, Lydia, Brielle, Anne, Arie, Zoey, Lauren, Layla, Leah, Hannah, Emily, Hailey, Brooklyn, Chloe and Alice.

The most popular names for boys in 2017 were Liam, Noah, Benjamin, William, Logan, Jack, Lucas, Oliver, Thomas, Samuel, Mason, Wyatt, James, Lincoln, Owen, Xavier, Jacob, Jake, Grayson, Ethan, Nathan, Zachary, Emmett, Felix, Ryan, Maxime, Henry, Theodore, Dylan, Dominic, Cameron, Vincent, Oliver, Maverick, Ryker, Jaxson, Gavin, Landon, Leo, Kayden, Connor, Easton, and Charles.

Among the most common names for girls in 2016 were Emma, Olivia, Charlotte, Sophia, Ellie, Mia, Evelyn, Anna, Amelia, Lily, Hailey, Abigail, Madison, Grace, Ava, Audrey, Sophie, Zoey, Sadie, Peyton, Annabelle, Claire, Addison, Scarlett, Leah, Emily, Violet, Avery, Rosalie, Lauren, Ella, Alexa, Alice, Lillian, Hannah, Brooklyn, Charlie and Lydia.

Among the most common names for boys in 2016 were Liam, Jacob, William, Thomas, Noah, Benjamin, Samuel, Jack, Owen, Mason, Jaxon, Xavier, Caleb, Oliver, Lincoln, Olivier, Lucas, Isaac, Jackson, James, Chase, Carter, Logan, Jaxson, Hunter, Simon, Grayson, Alexander, Ethan, Maxime, Nathan, Wyatt, Jayden, Dominic, Emmett, Ryker, Henry and Cohen.