Gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick

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- L -

Laboratory Reagent. A chemical substance used in laboratory analysis to assist in the detection and identification procedures for various elements of the material being examined.

Lead Bullion. Lead in the bulk form or in the shape of bars, much like gold or silver bullion.

Lead Concentrate. A lead bearing rock that has the rock material removed by way of milling the material and forms a lead concentrate.

Lead Paste. An adhesive mixture with a characteristic plastic consistency, a high order of yield value and a low bond strength.

Leak Test. In the context of the Ozone Depleting Substances Regulation, is a set of procedures that, when performed on equipment, enables a certified technician or an apprentice working under the supervision of a certified technician to determine whether or not an ozone depleting substance is being released into the environment from any part of the equipment.

Level Control System. A process control system used to control the level of material in a tank. The level control can be set at high level to close off supply line valves when the tank reaches a certain level close to tank capacity.

Lignin. The noncellulosic portion of wood. In paper making, it must be removed from high-grade products, as it causes yellowing and hardening of the sheet. It is permitted in newsprint and in some other coarse papers made from groundwood. The recovered lignin may have commercial uses as an extender in plastics, as a binder in heavy emulsions and drilling muds and as a levelling agent in dye baths.

Lime Kiln. A unit used to calcine lime mud, which consists primarily of calcium carbonate, into quicklime, which is calcium oxide. The lime kilns are used in the chemical recovery processes encountered in the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Limerock Fluxes. Substances used to promote the fusing of minerals or metals. A material applied to the pieces to be united to reduce the melting point of solders and filler metals and to prevent the formation of oxides.

Liquid Phenolic Resin. An organic polymeric liquid which, when converted to its final state for use becomes a resin.

Loading Spouts. Refers to a large vertical or slanted discharge device that ejects mined material into railcars or trucks.

Loadout Area. A space where mined material is loaded into railway cars or trucks.

Low-Level Mixing Heights. See Mixing Heights.

Low Pressure Storage Tank. A storage tank designed to operate at gauge pressures from three and one-half kilopascals to one hundred kilopascals.

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil. Fuel oil with a sulphur content less than 1.5% by weight.