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The Violence Prevention and Community Partnerships Unit implements the government’s plan on violence against women and violence against Aboriginal women, including funding programs and supporting community partners in delivering services. It creates linkages between various government departments and the community to coordinate efforts to respond to domestic violence and liaises directly with community groups working in the area of violence against women. Key focus areas for the unit are:

  • Prevention and promotion
  • Services
  • Networks and partnerships
  • Orientation and training

Do you need information about financial assistance, mental health support, employment support, childcare, housing, food, clothing and shelter?
Find help at or call/email 2-1-1.

November is Family Violence Prevention Month

Violence does not belong in our homes or in our relationships.



Domestic, Intimate Partner or Sexual Violence

Domestic, intimate partner or sexual violence affects all genders, orientations, ages, economic statuses, cultures and abilities.

Provincial Partnerships in Action

The Provincial Partnerships in Action (PPA) forum brings representatives from Regional Violence Prevention Networks together annually for training to women who have experienced domestic or other forms of violence and their families. 


Community Action Fund

Provides grants up to $5,000 to eligible organizations to implement initiatives or projects that focus on the prevention of all types of violence against women. Want to know more about the Community Action Fund?


Women Victims of Abuse Protocols

The most recent version of the Woman Victims of Abuse Protocols was released in May 2014.



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For more information, please contact:

Women’s Equality Branch

Violence Prevention and Community Partnerships Initiatives (Unit)
20 McGloin St
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3A 5T8
Phone: (506) 453-8126
Toll-free: 1-877-253-0266