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I got sick when I was in my mommy's tummy. The doctor says I'll be okay but I need to take my medicine everyday. I cry a lot when I'm not feeling well. My foster mommy says sometimes I get my days and nights mixed up so she doesn't always get a lot of sleep. But she tells me she loves it when I smile and laugh when she makes faces at me. When I'm not feeling really good, she just sits with me in her rocking chair and we go back and forth, back and forth. My foster daddy tells me I'm getting stronger everyday and before you know it, I'm going to be running around the house. I can't wait to play hide and seek with him. Thank you for accepting me as I am.


Young teenage girl

I'd really given up on the idea of going to my grade 8 prom. Things were getting worse at home and mom kept telling me there was no money to buy a dress. Then, about a month before the prom, my little brother and I were moved into a foster home. My foster mother showed me a couple of dresses that were left in her daughter's closet but it just wasn't the same. I tried to keep myself busy so I could forget about the prom and about everything that had been going on at home. It was hard. One afternoon after school, my foster mother told me to come into her sewing room. She'd made me the most beautiful blue prom dress that I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe it when I tried on the dress. It looked totally awesome. I cried when my little brother told me I looked beautiful. Being away from home is tough but my foster parents are doing everything they can for me. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you.


Preschool boy

There's a playground just down the street from where I live now. My most favorite part is the bridge you have to climb over to get to the slide. I'm the fastest boy going down the slide, my foster mommy even says so. When we get home, I get to have my best snack with goldfish crackers and apple juice. My foster mommy has time to read to me but sometimes she makes mistakes so I have to tell her the right words. She's so silly. I get a little bit sad at nighttime. I sleep with my favorite turtle, a picture of my mommy and daddy and a night light. My foster mommy says I'm going to go back home when my mommy and daddy can take care of me again. Thank you for being there when my family couldn't be.


Teenage boy

Me and my dad didn't get along real good after mom was gone. I started hanging out with a gang of guys, skipping school and getting into trouble. I guess my dad didn't notice that underneath I was just sad. My foster parents saw something in me that no one else did. I didn't like their rules when I first moved in with them. I played the same tricks as I tried at home but they kept after me. They made me realize that it was up to me make some changes. I'm doing much better in school now and I'm close to finishing grade 12. I'm thinking about studying to be an electrician when I'm done. My foster parents say that makes them really proud. I just tell them thank you for believing in me when no one else did.