Government of New Brunswick

In order for children to reach optimal health and wellness, they need to live, play, learn and grow in safe and healthy environments.

All children are growing and developing, making them uniquely vulnerable to the health effects caused by exposure to environmental hazards. A child’s exposure to the environment starts in the womb and lasts a lifetime. 

To protect our children’s health, it is important to be educated on how exposure to chemicals in air, water, soil and food can affect their health and possibly lead to chronic illnesses.

The health of our children is one of the most important investments that we can make because healthy children grow into healthy adults.  

Public health is working with stakeholders and partners to examine research and evidence to better understand environmental risks for children. Together with health professionals and the community we can take preventative steps to protect health and to promote healthy environments for New Brunswick children and their families.


Children and the Environment


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