Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick government is committed to strengthening primary health care. The network of Community Health Centres offers a basket of health services that include community development, health promotion, disease prevention, health education, chronic disease management and primary care. 

A provincial Chronic Disease Prevention and Management strategy is currently in development.  The government recognizes that chronic disease is responsible for significant hardship and loss of quality of life for families.  Our health care system is challenged by burden of chronic disease and we need to transform how we care for chronic diseases in order to ensure a sustainable health care system. 

Through programs such as Building a Better Tomorrow, interprofessional team approaches are being developed. 

Tele-Care and Health-Related Information Lines supports 24/7 access to care throughout New Brunswick via a bilingual, 24 hour phone line.  New Brunswickers can have access to registered nurses at anytime.  Based on an assessment, the nurse will provide information, education, advice on self-care, or will help you decide whether to make an appointment with a health care professional or go to the emergency room.  Furthermore, this service also provides information, advice and referrals on rabies, poison, west nile virus/avian influenza, gambling and sexually transmitted infections.   

A new portfolio that focuses on the prevention of unintentional injury where New Brunswickers live, work and play has recently been established.