Government of New Brunswick

The Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia and the New Brunswick Department of Health have established a collaboration to offer the Certification Program for Insulin Dose Adjustment in New Brunswick.

Are you interested in becoming certified in Insulin Dose Adjustment?

Certified Diabetes Educators with a minimum of 6 to 12 months experience (~ 800 hours) in direct diabetes education, may apply to complete this self-study course.

The course manual outlines criteria for certification, policies, guidelines, case studies, references and recommended reading for insulin dose adjustment.

Upon completion of the education component and case studies outlined in the manual, Diabetes Educators must write an exam to complete the certification process. Certification can be obtained for adults (level 1) and specialty groups (pediatrics, pregnancy and insulin pumps).  The Level 1, Adult exam is a pre-requisite for any of the specialty exams.

To be eligible to write the exam, the candidate

  • Must have a minimum of 800 hours of direct diabetes education and management in the last 3 years
  • Must be a Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Must demonstrate how the insulin adjustment program is relevant for current work
  • Must ensure the availability and support of a medical advisor (or authorized designate*)
  • Must ensure that he/she has support and approval from their manager or supervisor
  • Must have studied all the course material, including all case studies
  • Must have completed the competency skills checklist
  • Must have successfully completed the adult exam, prior to applying for any of the specialty exams

Upon successful completion, the certificate is issued by the New Brunswick Department of Health. Certification must be renewed every two years. An overview of the process steps can be found here.

* Designate: A certified diabetes educator that is also certified in insulin dose adjustment with demonstrated competency and confidence who is formally appointed by the physician with a specialty in diabetes to oversee the preparation and examination for insulin dose adjustment. To appoint a designate the medical advisor must complete the ‘ appointment of a designate’ form.